The nonprofit Southeastern Minnesota Center for Independent Living (SEMCIL) is a free, open-door resource to anyone who self-identifies as having a disability. When they received grant money earmarked for community outreach, they needed to find ways to get their message to their most underserved audience—immigrants and refugee communities in an 11-county footprint.

With brand awareness as the goal, we looked for channels that could specifically pinpoint their geographic region and deliver their message to audiences that passively search for information. To stay within budget, we chose a combination of CTV/OTT advertising, digital display, and retargeting ads to run for 30 days for maximum impact. The audience within the CTV/OTT and digital display networks was supplemented with third-party audiences who had showed recent interest in areas like assistive technology.

CTV/OTT: ~116K impressions with a 99% completion rate
All ads combined: 19% click through rate
Website visitors: 143% increase
Organic search: 29% increase
Direct website traffic: 19% increase

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