Rentokil and Terminix were planning to merge under the Rentokil name, and they needed a communication plan for a smooth transition. Both companies had commercial and residential customers, each with their own set of expectations from their respective company’s customer service teams, salespeople, and field technicians.

Imagine how Terminix customers would react when told they might be getting a new technician after letting the same one into their home for years. Or how a Terminix technician might feel when told they’d be getting a new boss, a new route, and a new uniform. These companies were leaders in their categories, and disruption was inevitable. The goal was to minimize it as much as possible for everyone, including other stakeholder like vendors and investors.

We looked at the data on people who use pest control services to better understand who they are, what’s important to them, and what motivates them to choose a provider. We combined that data with insights from the two merging companies and landed on three key messaging points to build a plan around: local expertise, innovation, and sustainability. We developed overall positioning and messaging for each customer segment, internal toolkits, competitor talking points, FAQs, customer emails, a landing page, and social media ads.

A successful campaign that told the Rentokil story, empowered employees with information and tools, and made sure customers were in the know throughout the entire transition.

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