Ecommerce Promotion

With their new eCommerce platform up and running, Inpro/Seal needed to boost registrations by familiarizing users with all its benefits. Making the digital transformation from their traditional B2B sales model to an online platform wasn’t going to be easy, but with a smart, enthusiastic transition team in place, they were up for the challenge.

cat&tonic was tasked with assisting the Inpro/Seal team to convince their customers to register for Marketplace, and to make prospects aware of their brand through promotion of the platform.

Initial Research

Audience characteristics provided by the client served as our foundational data. With an AI overlay, we learned about their demographics, behaviors and work-related personal values. We found that reliability was a critical factor when choosing a vendor for their bearing protection needs.



31% Over Population Average

Composition of defined audience



48% Over Population Average

Composition of defined audience

Top Personal Values

Acquiring Wealth and Influence

107% Over Population Average

Maintaining a Good Public Image

100% Over Population Average

Freedom to Determine Actions

69% Over Population Average

Top Psychological Drivers

Proving Competence/Skills

142% Over Population Average

Social/Professional Status

142% Over Population Average

Recognition From Peers

52% Over Population Average

Phase 1 Creative

Bearing in mind (pun intended) our initial findings, we developed content for their customers that reinforced the brand relationship, highlighted shared goals, and introduced the eCommerce platform. Our communications led with an emotional connection to the brand by using insider language to speak to the frustration of broken machinery and the urgency to get it fixed.

Secondary messaging covered the differentiating factors of the new eCommerce system. Visuals included people, environments, and equipment the audience would recognize instantly.

Applied Learnings

Some of our initial thoughts were validated through information gathered from site tagging and a custom contextual study, while others needed slight adjustments. Consequently, we reframed the second flight of digital prospecting ads by positioning the product as an enhancement to the buyer’s reputation—an important personal value.

The messaging resonated with customers and prospects alike, as registrations increased measurably and kept our client’s team busy setting up new customer accounts.