By Published On: January 22, 2019


Mark and his wife Andrea visited London in December where they saw the sights, ate the food, and experienced the city in all its holiday glory. They had a great time but were happy to return home where they could speak the language.

Danette is in the midst of an epic trip to Central America where she’s strolling beaches, practicing yoga, learning Spanish, exploring Mayan ruins, hiking volcanoes, biking dirt roads, bird watching, and making new life-long friends. We’re excited for her return at the end of February so we can hear all about her adventures—and so we can stop picking up her slack.


Tim’s ten-month-old son Mikko got an “activity table” for Christmas that’s been collecting dust. Why? He happened to learn to walk around the same time. And he’s been walking everywhere ever since.

Tim’s older son Finn received slime and a Spider-verse mask that he was super excited about for Christmas. Only thing better is the family waffle maker that makes Avengers-themed waffles. Breakfast just got a whole lot more awesome!

Who wore it better? Charlie or Anonymous Robe Model? (Ruff choice!)

Tradition, tradition! Sheryl’s 94-year-old mom teaching her girls how to bake bread.


The d.trio crew traveled down south to meet with clients in December. While we intended to go to North Carolina, Mother Nature had other plans, dumping 12+ inches of snow there and forcing us to cancel. The weather was more cooperative in Atlanta where we had some meetings, fun and great food. From there it was off to meet clients in sunny Daytona Beach. Not a bad way to finish the year!

Project 333

This month’s $333 donation goes to All Hands and Hearts-Smart Response.

All Hands and Hearts is a non-profit organization powered by volunteers who address the immediate and long-term needs of communities impacted by natural disasters. We are supporting our friend who is currently in Puerto Rico on a two-month assignment helping to rebuild homes and communities. We are hearing first hand of the devastation and needs of the people of Puerto Rico along with the current threat of Puerto Rico losing their disaster relief funding.



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