By Published On: November 23, 2021

Queries & Theories – Series 1 : Volume 4.

Ah, social media, sparkling bastion of friendship or black hole of wasted time. Whatever it means to you, it’s clearly here to stay. Here are a few of our favorites, and why we love them.

I like LinkedIn for connecting with business people and networking. I like Instagram for a creative outlet.


Facebook. I don’t necessarily love it, but that is what my friends use and I miss things if I don’t go out there.


In general, I’m not a fan of social media and I stay away from it as much as possible, but I get value from a few cycling groups on Facebook and I used LinkedIn for my job.


Reddit. When properly tailored to your interests you can find a lot of great communities (and killer memes).


Pinterest. Not a big user of social media and this is one where you can gather information and keep your information private.


LinkedIn. It’s most useful for business purposes.


LinkedIn. Because my work persona is easier to manage than my personal life.



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