By Published On: May 26, 2020

Hard at work working from home

There’s a lot of activity happening around the agency as we work on starting up and winding down a variety of projects for our clients.

  • We completed surveys and interviews with our Liability Insurance client and their customers. The insights we collected will provide direction to help us rebrand their online education program.
  • We’re analyzing results from a multi-tactic lead-generation campaign we created for a manufacturing client while working on a plan for phase two. We also just finished interviews in preparation of new brand messaging for another manufacturing client.
  • We’ve been providing a lot of IT support for a newly launched website that will be a great platform for future marketing efforts.
  • We are currently working with a credit card issuer to help them improve their prospective customers’ journey and give their creative a new look and feel. New direct mail pieces, a customized landing page, and an array of display ads are in development.

Cake for a good cause

d.trio provided cakes to the ICU staff at Abbott Northwestern Hospital (ANW) in recognition of Nurses’ Week. Carol’s sister, Sharon, is part of the ICU leadership team at ANW and delivered the cakes to nurses on the ICU floors who expressed collective “aaaahs” of appreciation. The entire ICU team was grateful to be remembered, especially at such a difficult time. Although the environment looks vastly different from anything Sharon has experienced in her career, she knows that with their fantastic staff and community support, ANW will get through this together. The cakes disappeared in record time but our well wishes for their health and safety will endure.

Congratulations to Kalli!

Congratulations to Sheryl’s daughter Kalli who graduated from The College of William & Mary, majoring in Neuroscience with a minor in Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies.

Although it wasn’t the graduation Kalli had envisioned, a virtual ceremony was held in recognition of this milestone. Fun fact: The mayor of Minneapolis graduated from W&M and was part of a large alumni lineup that spoke to the graduating class.

At d.trio, we’ve watched Kalli grow up over the last 17 years and couldn’t be prouder of her achievement. We wish you all the best, Kalli!




Coronavirus Creativity Corner

At d.trio, the creativity doesn’t stop when the work day is done. Here’s what the team has been playing with in their free time.

Carol’s keeping busy with a colorful array of needlework projects.


Mark’s drawing cartoons and posting one a day on Instagram—in part to challenge himself with a new line of creativity but also to blow off some coronavirus steam. Follow him on Instagram @mazukor

Tim built a corner shelf with some scrap wood to hold his video games and keep them out of reach of the kiddos. Tim also celebrated his birthday – with a chocolate cake and a mimosa. Cheers!

Megan painted hydrangeas.


Fred is keeping us entertained by sharing photos of the historic Lynnhurst neighborhood taken on his daily walks. He’s continually amazed at the diversity of subject—yard sculptures, sidewalk chalk art, signs, nature, gardens, bridges, wildlife, etc.

Sam has been cooking A LOT (with help from his quarantine buddy) and using his sculpting/painting talents to make food look great on a plate. He doesn’t know this yet, but when we’re free to socialize again, we’re all going to his place for dinner.

Sheryl has been redecorating her screen porch primarily by repurposing items from around her home. She wanted to created a cheerful spot for her family to enjoy this summer. Mission accomplished.

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