By Published On: July 28, 2016

We recently completed our fifth summer challenge – daily meditation. Of the challenges that we have undertaken so far, this challenge proved to be surprisingly difficult and the results were mixed.

Our goal of 100% team participation fell short and of those people who did participate, few were able to meditate consecutively every day. The primary reason – it was a VERY busy week at the office. Although we all had good intentions to carve out meditation time, some other deadline, deliverable or impromptu meeting bumped this in priority. Also, with the many daily work distractions, some of us found it difficult to focus.

On the plus side, those who did meditate found it to beneficial, particularly in reducing stress levels or reenergizing for the rest of the day. A guided meditation phone app also seemed to help increase focus and alertness. “Calm” is one of the apps used with reported good success.

Our overall take – this was HARD. To paraphrase my colleague’s words, “the harder the challenge, the greater the reward”. Our meditation room remains open and available and we are going to keep working at achieving the benefits that mediation has to offer.


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