By Published On: April 22, 2018

The financial services industry is changing fast and community banks are finding their place within that change. While they don’t have the large marketing budgets larger banks do, they have attractive attributes people look for in a bank. Many community banks struggle to find words for their marketing communications that aren’t too stale or familiar.  Words that will distinguish them from their competition without focusing on products, promotions or rates.

To combat being viewed as a commodity, start by concentrating on these five C’s:


Focus on your values, unique personality and style of service.  Write with a voice that is transparent and true to who you are.


Highlight your commitment to, and give examples of, serving and supporting your community.


Make readers aware of your history, leadership team and scope of services offered – especially online-related tools.


Note your neighborhood presence and other handy things you may have such as free parking, Saturday hours, drive-thru service, mobile/online banking and remote check deposit.


Let your audience know you value building client relationships, working together and providing personalized service.

Use these as a guide and you’ll find yourself marketing benefits rather than features, which are far more meaningful to prospective clients and help to resist the commodity label.

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