By Published On: September 30, 2015

So by now you’ve probably decided whether you absolutely must have the new iPhone 6S or not, and whether an iPad Pro is on your Christmas list (better start being good!).

If not here’s a quick rundown of the coolest features of Apple’s newest controlled substances.

iPhone 6S and 6S+

3D Touch – the iPhone is now pressure sensitive, allowing you to just peek at something without fully opening it, let go and it closes, push harder and it opens fully. That should take some of the strain off the home button.

Live Photos – now each photo can be like a tiny little video. You’ll get a few moments before and after the image you snap. And then, AND THEN, you can set the moving live photo as the background on your lock screen. Plus the new camera is 12 megapixels and the autofocus has been improved.

Spotlight search – iOS 9 offers a major improvement to the search feature on the iPhone, and since iOS 9 was built for this device, it should work it’s best here. Seach for a particular setting and be able to make changes from the search results page.

There’s a ton of other features but, most importantly, a ton of new or improved apps in the App Store. If you’ve already got you phone, look here for some of the best (and if you don’t, look there for a lot of good reasons to get one).

iPad Pro

It’s size – 12.9 inch HD display. Enough said.

The charging port is now bi-directional. It’s intended to charge the Apple Pencil, but in theory it should be able to charge other devices like fitness trackers once someone figures out the connector.

It’s fast – there’s a ton of RAM in this thing, looking like twice what was in the iPad Air 2. That means faster apps, fewer crashes, and a smoother experience.

The gadgets – first, the Apple Pencil is not a stylus, it costs $99, and it will only work with the iPad Pro. So unless you’re sketching or drafting you likely won’t need one. However, if you’ve been longing to sketch, paint, or draft on the iPad (and who hasn’t), you will definitely want one.

There’s a new magnetic connector on the iPad Pro for connecting and charging the Smart Keyboard, a thin, spill resistant keyboard that doubles as an iPad cover and doesn’t need BlueTooth.

To see all the feature and some very pretty pictures, click here.


There’s a lot more going on with iOS 9 that we won’t get in to right now, including ad blocking. We’ll just say this: a real battle between Google and Apple is coming and it will directly effect advertisers and marketers everywhere. The summary is that Apple is now allowing ad blockers on it’s devices that will block ads in the mobile version of Safari. Ads inside apps won’t be interfered with, so this doesn’t mean that Facebook will suddenly become less annoying, just that the mobile web could look somewhat barren. We need a little time to see how the first volley lands, and we’ll keep you updated.


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