By Published On: June 25, 2019

Sheryl went to Charlotte, NC in May for a full-day planning session to discuss upcoming marketing initiatives with SunTrust Bank. As always, it was great to collaborate with our clients in person and meet new faces. The meetings were productive and included some fun team building exercises. Sheryl and one of her clients, Barney Jackson, were “twin-ing” in their navy blue suits. Great minds think alike!


A few months ago, Danette started a big project for our newest manufacturing client. The timeline is tight (when isn’t it?) and so she’s been buried every day trying to wrangle all the details. Word on the street (well, in the halls) is that there’s a big direct mail package, an email, a microsite with a bunch of white papers and videos, and some triggered emails, all of which are being managed and tracked through our super-cool marketing automation platform. When Danette comes up for air, she’s going to need another sabbatical…or maybe just a few days at the cabin.

In early June, Mark spent a fun guys weekend with his brothers in Cleveland, Ohio. From the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, to Progressive Field, to great museums, to tons of fantastic bars and restaurants, who knew it was such a cool city? Guess that’s why they say, “Cleveland Rocks!”

Tim’s oldest son Finn just turned four years old! It seems like just yesterday when Tim was at the hospital telling us that everything was okay. What he didn’t tell us however, was that his wife was in labor. (Uh, that was kind of a key detail, Tim!) Anyway, for his big day, Finn had fun at the Mall of America aquarium—and he thought the Lego store was super cool, too. Not to be overlooked, Finn’s younger brother Mikko got his own vacuum cleaner which he loves push around. (The thing actually works!) Tim can’t wait until Mikko’s ready for permanent vacuum duty!

A few weeks ago, Sam flew to Florida for a cruise to Cuba! He spent exactly ZERO time planning and barely knew where he was going. But somehow, after a fun day at Universal Studios in Orlando, Sam and his friends found their way to the ship. After a stop in Key West, the ship landed in Cuba. In Havana, Sam and co. were driven around in an beautiful old Cadillac convertible. Sam says the city is lively and old, the architecture is beautiful, and the people are very accommodating (even though his group had a hard time speaking Spanish). Their friendly driver spent his lunch break teaching Sam and his friends a few helpful phrases. While the food was amazing, unfortunately, a rainstorm put on a damper on the rest of their visit. Thankfully, in spite of his lack of planning, Sam made it back to Minnesota and lived to tell about his adventures.

Beth has been busy this Spring refinishing her deck and working in her yard.

Sheryl’s mother Viola turned 95 in May. The event was celebrated with a large birthday party of family and friends.


Carol spent Memorial Day weekend in Yellowstone with her siblings. Her brother – who lives in Helena, Montana – was a great host and tour guide. And Carol FINALLY saw Big Horn Sheep after many trips and many futile attempts to spot them. In fact, they practically jumped right in their car!

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