By Published On: January 29, 2014

Every January the annual Consumer Electronics Show is held in Las Vegas, NV.  Here are the top technology trends identified for 2014:

1) Goodbye 3D televisions.  Hello Ultra High Definition televisions.  Whether due to timing, the economy, or market positioning, the 3D televisions never got momentum.  However, the new super high resolution TVs are already in the marketplace and will likely become the new standard in a few years.

2) Wearable technology continues to make progress.  Wearables include smart-watches, fitness bands, glasses and boots.  This category is expected to be a billion dollar market by the end of the year.  Watch for new ways businesses use these tools such as surgeons using Google Glass to assist in medical procedures.

3) Self-driving cars undergo further development.  Although Audi already introduced a car that can self-drive on highways, these cars will not be available for another 5-6 years.  Safety concerns, industry regulation and insurance considerations all need to be worked out before these cars hit the market.


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