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What’s Make a Campaign Fresh?

We’ve all heard the adage “there are no new ideas; there are only new ways of making them felt.”  Whether it’s true or not, we all face the daily challenge of finding unique and compelling ways of getting our message, and our clients’ message, noticed. What makes an idea or [...]

Campaigns I Loved 2012

Thinking back to 2012, I really loved the following ad campaigns for being smart, insightful, and fun to experience. What campaigns did you love from last year?   Red Bull: Stratos What they did: Red Bull sponsored a mission to push the boundaries of human potential by breaking the record [...]

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Marketing in a tech-driven world

We’re all aware of how much marketing has changed in 5 years and as a marketing company, d.trio’s looked for ways to marry traditional, paper-based tools and channels with digital counterparts. We’ve started seeing the term “Marketing Technologist” used to describe the tech expert in a marketing company or department, [...]

Marketing to Affluents: Savings Appeal

by Maureen Dyvig In volatile economic times, most consumers tighten their belts and make better-informed shopping choices, especially when it comes to luxury items. An interesting side effect of the recent economic recovery has been affluent consumers’ new focus on value. Deal-seeking is now a trendy activity among all socio-economic [...]

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Creativity vs. the Hard Stuff

I’ve had blogger’s block. I don’t know why, but it got worse as the Super Bowl got closer. Intimidated by the extreme creativity and sheer enormity of the budgets for advertising during the Super Bowl, I felt diminished by it. In our heart of hearts all marketers want to be [...]

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Marketing Intervention – 24 Hours Free

Can you feel the excitement in the air? What is it? Optimism? Growth? Creativity? Yes – it ’s the Marketing Intervention! On the heels of updating our brand and morphing our business, we decided we must share the creativity and momentum generated with some deserving company in need. Thus was [...]

Get your messages chosen.

There’s too much stuff in my head today. It’s as cluttered as my desk and email inbox. I’m not alone, but that’s little consolation to a marketer whose job it is to cut through the clutter. Yet, I got an email from a blogger I follow, Joe Grant, and [...]

2010 resolution follow-up #4 – Is it time to tweak your brand?

Are you responsible for your company’s brand? When you look at it, do you see it – I mean really see it? Most of us see what we want to see or expect to see. If you’ve been living with the same branding for a while, yet your company has [...]

2010 Resolution follow-up #3 – Get out of the one or two channel rut

One-channel marketing is dead. If you are stuck on using only one or two channels, you are missing opportunities in today’s market. Marketing strategies to incorporate and maximize all of the new channels are moving at the speed of light. So it’s time to get educated and get on board. [...]

2010 Resolution follow up #2 – Try something new

Does your marketing plan looking like it did 2 years ago, or have you added some new strategies? Is the year 2010 the year you embrace change? There are so many exciting, new things happening with new media. If you don’t understand what is out there (and why), then first [...]

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