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Are you engaged in social marketing?

In previous blogs I’ve talked about customer engagement. It’s a crucial part of new marketing and particularly social marketing. There are different ways of accomplishing engagement but it has to be interesting, sincere and fun. Engage people Whether you market to consumers or other businesses, you are still dealing with [...]

The aftermath of recession marketing:

How low can you go? I’m not talking the Limbo here. No – I’m talking about marketing campaigns (digital, direct, email and emerging media) that were created, launched and sent out in 2009, internationally. From what I’ve seen recently the answer is – very. I just spent the week judging [...]

2010 resolution follow-up #5 – What do customers think?

What do your customers really think? If your company has changed in the last year (and most have), it’s a good time to look at your relationship with your customers. Learn what they really think about your company and the products and services that you offer. Obviously what your clients [...]

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2010 resolution follow-up #4 – Is it time to tweak your brand?

Are you responsible for your company’s brand? When you look at it, do you see it – I mean really see it? Most of us see what we want to see or expect to see. If you’ve been living with the same branding for a while, yet your company has [...]

2010 Resolution follow-up #3 – Get out of the one or two channel rut

One-channel marketing is dead. If you are stuck on using only one or two channels, you are missing opportunities in today’s market. Marketing strategies to incorporate and maximize all of the new channels are moving at the speed of light. So it’s time to get educated and get on board. [...]

Global thoughts

Went to a wedding this weekend. Fun time, completely unexpected. Who knew southern Wisconsin was a melting pot of ethnicity, culture and experiences. This was one microcosm of the world and it drove home the fact that we are truly in a global economy, where every imaginable perspective drives decisions [...]

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