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Real time marketing makes for a pleasant surprise.

Patrick Bettenburg is currently working with d.trio as an Account Executive. A radio commercial I heard recently is a great example of how marketing in the moment, done well, can be very memorable. I had just read the ADWEEK article Real-Time Rules that highlights several national successes of this marketing [...]

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Proven Attention Getters – Management Perspective

In spite of many reports to the contrary, marketing through traditional channels is still very much alive.  Clearly, newer channels (digital, web, social etc.) are being successfully employed throughout the marketing landscape, but proven methods of marketing communications continue to grab prospects’ attention and drive marketing results - often in [...]

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Intern Series II: Starting an internship at d.trio marketing group

Starting a new internship is like opening a present on Christmas. You are ready for something new, nervous that you might not like it or it doesn’t fit, you don’t know if batteries are included, and you are excited for the opportunity to learn new things. Beginning my internship with [...]

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Marketing in a tech-driven world

We’re all aware of how much marketing has changed in 5 years and as a marketing company, d.trio’s looked for ways to marry traditional, paper-based tools and channels with digital counterparts. We’ve started seeing the term “Marketing Technologist” used to describe the tech expert in a marketing company or department, [...]

Stop Hating on Millennials

by Jordan Bainer I’m getting a little tired of all the Millennial generation hatin’. Boomers say that Millennials don’t take things serious enough; Xers say that Millennials won’t stop talking about themselves (which ironically, I’m currently doing). We Millennials just can’t seem to find the love. Below are several common [...]

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