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Campaigns I Loved 2012

Thinking back to 2012, I really loved the following ad campaigns for being smart, insightful, and fun to experience. What campaigns did you love from last year?   Red Bull: Stratos What they did: Red Bull sponsored a mission to push the boundaries of human potential by breaking the record [...]

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Marketing Intervention Results

Call us crazy. Maybe we are. Busy with other client work we envisioned and created an event that would benefit one lucky company, charge us up, kick up our creativity, and keep us up all night. On March 10th we had our Marketing Intervention, complete with live streaming (no sound) [...]

Get your messages chosen.

There’s too much stuff in my head today. It’s as cluttered as my desk and email inbox. I’m not alone, but that’s little consolation to a marketer whose job it is to cut through the clutter. Yet, I got an email from a blogger I follow, Joe Grant, and [...]

Are you engaged in social marketing?

In previous blogs I’ve talked about customer engagement. It’s a crucial part of new marketing and particularly social marketing. There are different ways of accomplishing engagement but it has to be interesting, sincere and fun. Engage people Whether you market to consumers or other businesses, you are still dealing with [...]

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