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About Us – It’s Not All About You

Many companies desperately need “a cleanup on aisle 13” – and that aisle is the “About Us” section on their website.  It seems the majority of these sections I read are vague, confusing, trite, jargon-filled diatribes that do little to inform the audience, establish credibility or spark interest in moving [...]

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Real time marketing makes for a pleasant surprise.

Patrick Bettenburg is currently working with d.trio as an Account Executive. A radio commercial I heard recently is a great example of how marketing in the moment, done well, can be very memorable. I had just read the ADWEEK article Real-Time Rules that highlights several national successes of this marketing [...]

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Read, Reflect and Relax

Technology is amazing. It can help us make great presentations, keep us up-to-date on what is going on in the world and we can now be connected 24/7 and 365 days a year. Our phones are almost always within reach. This brings me to the question: when do we give [...]

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Marketing in a tech-driven world

We’re all aware of how much marketing has changed in 5 years and as a marketing company, d.trio’s looked for ways to marry traditional, paper-based tools and channels with digital counterparts. We’ve started seeing the term “Marketing Technologist” used to describe the tech expert in a marketing company or department, [...]

5 Simple Tips for Business Travel

Visiting out of town clients or pitching to a prospective client is extremely valuable in strengthening relationships and building new ones. Plus, it is fun to see people in person. Here are my personal tips to make your business travel as stress-free as possible: 1. Minimize clothes wrinkling and the [...]

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