By Published On: August 31, 2021

Synchrony’s partnership with Marvel always brings interesting work our way, and the Black Widow promotion was no exception. Even though the work began a year ago, there were many stops and starts while waiting for the green light due to uncertainty around theater re-open dates.

But re-open they did, and the ads we helped create finally came to fruition in conjunction with the July movie release.

The ads were targeted at Synchrony Bank customers who wanted to achieve their savings goals. They focused on the common thread between Black Widow and Synchrony Bank—the empowerment to make your own way forward.

Three versions of banner ads were created.

  1. Skills: These animated ads were targeted to the top of funnel prospects encouraging engagement with an invitation to discover their personal savings skill. The four skills (Strength, Stamina, Speed and Intelligence) were aligned with the skills highlighted in the movie and used a randomizer for presentation.
  2. Upper Hand: These animated ads were targeted to the mid and bottom range of the funnel and challenged customers to get the upper hand on their future.
  3. Path: This third set of animated ads also targeted mid/bottom of the funnel and encouraged customers to choose their own path to reach their savings goals

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