By Published On: September 2, 2015

What if you could land your dream job with just one flick of your finger? That’s the promise the new app “Switch” is making. Dubbed the “Tinder of job searching,” Switch allows its users and potential employers to swipe left and right on potential jobs and candidates.

For those that aren’t familiar with Tinder, it’s a dating app that has been hugely successful and allows its users to swipe left or right on potential dates. Both parties have to swipe right in order to interact with each other. Similarly, with Switch, both employers and candidates have to swipe right and “match” in order to be able to communicate with one another. Switch eliminates a lot of the leg work associated with job searching. Instead of crafting a unique cover letter for each opening and tweaking your resume for each company, users have a general profile imported from LinkedIn. The app eliminates the need for a cover letter since recruiters can reach directly out to candidates after they’ve been matched.

So far, the app has matched job seekers with hiring managers at companies like Facebook, Amazon, and AOL. It’s a unique take on job searching and especially ideal for candidates who already have a job and are looking to just see what else is out there. Switch is still in its early stages but if it is anything like Tinder, it should be taking off. Read more about Switch here:

And happy job-hunting!

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