By Published On: April 26, 2022

Rocking out at the B2B Marketing Forum

To say we like to learn new things is an understatement—we’re constantly in search of new insights and fresh ideas about all things marketing. So, when MarketingProfs held their online spring B2B Forum a few weeks ago, we jumped in. We could go into detail on the things we learned about ABM, content strategy, accessibility, attribution, influencers, positioning, Web3, and podcasting (sheesh, marketing is complicated). Or, we could share this rockin’ opening video the MarketingProfs team created, starring one of their own who clearly has talents beyond marketing.

So. Much. Content.

When it came time for d.trio to reposition, we knew it was time to beef up our content (which, honestly, had been losing steam…because content is hard). We started by choosing a main topic for the quarter and then creating LinkedIn posts, blog posts, videos, and infographics related to that topic. If you spend time on LinkedIn and follow us or Megan, or if you’ve read our recent newsletters or other emails we send out periodically, you may have gotten a taste for what we’re doing. B2B marketing is a long game, but we’ve committed to it. And we’re actually having fun getting our POV out into the world.

Speaking of infographics

Everybody loves a good infographic—glimpsing at a colorful visual that sums up a complex topic is a great way to pique interest or get a quick point across. We created this one to illustrate intelligent creative—a concept every marketer who wants to improve their results should be thinking about.

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Remember those crazy Florida spring break videos on MTV? Do they still make those? If so, you probably won’t see Sheryl and her husband on them, but they did go to Florida to relax and soak up some sun. Instead of kegger parties, they hit the golf courses, logged in some pool time, took in the views from a 400’-tall Wheel, and found some great live music.

Danette spent an evening at Minneapolis Orchestra Hall enjoying the music of indie rockers Cloud Cult backed up by the incredible sounds of the Minnesota Orchestra. The sign said photos were allowed before the show but not during it. So, Danette wanting to respect the rules, snapped a pic of the orchestra warming up from her box seat.

Fred’s activity of choice throughout the entire pandemic has turned into a daily habit that will likely continue for years. On a particular walk this month, he got this nice shot of Lake Harriet in “ice out” mode.  That’s our lovely city way off in the distance.

A painting came to Megan in a dream, and she couldn’t get it out of her head. So, she sketched it out and put it together in a day. She sees it as the yin and yang of life, and resilience. There’s light on the other side of darkness, and light is also grounded in darkness. In the end it creates a balance. Something we could all use a little more of.

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