By Published On: July 18, 2016

Our fourth Summer Challenge wrapped up this weekend and we’re happy to report that we made our distances! We had given ourselves a week to accumulate Ironman distances as a group in swimming (2.4), biking (112), and running (26.2). (it’s an idea we got from our friends at

Our final total were:
2.4 miles swimming
78.2 miles running
142 miles running

A few people even decided to try to make the total distance for one discipline by themselves. Danette rode over 112 miles this week and had this to say about it: “I ride my bike pretty regularly, but it was fun keeping track of the miles and seeing them add up as the week went on. Near the end of the week, I was challenging myself to see if I could get to the 112 by myself, and I made it! But it was nice knowing that others were riding too, so just in case I didn’t make it, we’d get the miles for the team.” Megan completed 26.2 miles running/walking. “The Ironman Triathlon week came at a time for me when I had taken some time off of exercise to allow my knee to heal from a bad fall. I had a goal of running and walking a marathon in miles over the week and I made it. I was inspired to get exercise back on my schedule and had a lot of fun “racing” other people and contributing to the totals. I am also proud of the d.trio team for taking on a big goal and shattering it. Exhilarating!” she said. And Maureen came through for the whole team by swimming our 2.4 miles.

A few quotes or things we learned during this challenge:
“I learned how to use the My Health app on my phone to track miles walked. Pretty simple, only drawback is that you have to carry your phone with you all of the time.”
“Maureen has a pool, but she’s never invited me to a pool party.”
“Beth has a stationary bike in her basement!”
“After riding with a group of friends, it’s fun to stop for a beer afterwards (okay, I already knew that).”


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