By Published On: March 28, 2022

Mastering more than creative

Back to school in April? For Beth, the answer is yes! Because of her continued involvement in d.trio’s and our clients’ businesses, she’d recently been thinking about building a more solid foundation of business knowledge. At exactly the right moment—thanks to good marketing—a message introducing her to the Quantic School of Business and Technology came her way.

Founded by the team behind Rosetta Stone success, Quantic’s EMBA program is an online interactive learning experience that is disrupting how higher education gets done. Entry requirements are on par with traditional MBA programs, but the degree can take half the time. It offers the ability to work at your own pace while collaborating with a worldwide network of students in a cohort. It consists of 9 concentrations, a requirement of three or more specializations, and ends with a capstone project and presentation.

Convinced this was the right program for her, Beth gathered her references and  submitted her application, and just like that she was admitted with an April start date. Accounting is up first and she’s looking for all the luck she can get. But we don’t think she needs it. She’s going to rock it, just like everything else she puts her mind to.

Divine (or is it Devine?) Intervention

Perhaps you’ve noticed we’ve been upping our content game over the past few months—especially on LinkedIn, where many of our customers and prospects tend to spend their online social time. In addition to discussions and polls, Megan recorded her first video in a series discussing d.trio’s new POV on intelligent creative. Beth has been patiently waiting for 15 years for an opportunity to capitalize on the moniker “Devine Intervention”, and her patience has finally paid off. Keep an eye on LinkedIn for more words of wisdom from our fearless leader.


When your family name is Doyle, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is mandatory. Sheryl and proud Irish husband, Jim, continued their long traditions of corned beef and cabbage and green beer consumption, and their not-so-long, but equally-fun tradition of ensuring Dude and Charlie weren’t left out of the fun.

Fred recently began a subscription with Ridwell—a recycling service that aims to supplement municipal services to keep more waste out of landfills. Members receive a bin with canvas bags for separating items into four core categories: plastic bags, batteries, lightbulbs, and threads, plus a featured category like eyeglasses and bike tires. Impressed with their online dashboard, their top-notch communications, and efforts to donate, upcycle, and recycle with local partners, the Driver household is just one of their many happy subscribers.

It’s no secret that Danette loves (dark) chocolate—and is also deeply passionate about environmental and social causes. So it’s no surprise that she recently joined the Equal Exchange Citizen-Consumer Community. Equal Exchange is food company focused on fair trade that builds trade partnerships with farmer cooperatives with the goal of creating more equitable, democratic, and sustainable food system. Each month she geeks out with her peers on Zoom over food politics, agriculture and trade, climate justice, and economic, social, and political rights.

We celebrated Beth’s birthday this month with a fabulous Chocolate Mocha cake from our favorite local bakery. We may have also celebrated with some adult beverages later in the day.

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