By Published On: June 27, 2017

We recently helped SunTrust Mortgage complete a targeted direct mail campaign for SunTrust to prospective first-time home buyers that is capturing a lot of attention.

Our mission was clear from the beginning: Create something unique that will stand out in the mail.

We learned through SunTrust’s market insight and mortgage industry expertise that the top motivating factors for renters who want to purchase a home are the desire to start a family, get a pet and have their own backyard. Armed with this information, we set out to create something fresh and fun.

The first piece in the campaign featured an adorable, over-sized, plastic die-cut puppy with a simple teaser message: “Chewing on the idea of a new home? We can help you find the right mortgage.  Details coming soon…”. This piece was followed up with a clever self-mailer that followed the theme by featuring the same puppy on the cover with the headline “Who wants a backyard?” and paw prints on the back mailing panel. The mailer contained helpful home buying information and important credit qualification status and detail. The die-cut and self-mailer combination was tested against a stand alone #10 letter package containing the same copy, puppy image and overall design look.

The results are still coming in, but initial comments from SunTrust and their customers have been positive. We can hardly wait to see how many people bite on this offer.


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