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B2B buyers are
people too

Speaking the language of your buyer is the key to B2B marketing success. While it’s true that B2B buyers make purchase decisions with the best interest of their company in mind, it’s also true they’re influenced by personal values and beliefs. Finding the intersection of the two is the key to successful B2B marketing.

We’re a top B2B marketing agency in Minneapolis and we’ve helped dozens of B2B marketers, both locally and nationally, amplify their brand awareness and lead generation programs through improved messaging, brand positioning, website design, and content creation.

With cat&tonic, you’ll get super-smart strategy, knockout creative, and razor-sharp analysis, along with critical insights. Using our unique AI-based audience insights, you’ll learn more about your potential customers than you ever thought you needed to know. Like what language resonates with them, their personal values and drivers, what causes them to make buying decisions, and what they really need from you. We’ll help you use your first-party data in conjunction with our insights to build intelligent creative that truly reaches b2b decision makers, enhances their buying journey and supports their purchase decision. Whether you need strategies and assets for marketing automation or other marketing technology, or data driven brand creative and messaging, our services include the full process from initial marketing strategy to implementation and ongoing analytics.

B2B marketing projects in action

Resources for successful B2B marketing

Intelligent Creative. Why should you care?

Machine prowess
+ human insight
= kick-a** creative

It takes people who are expert at viewing data through the lens of experience, intuition, human creativity, and behavior to recognize the insights that make it actionable. When this kind of information is interrogated, interpreted, and executed by strategists, creators, and marketers, it becomes the basis of deep audience connection.

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