By Published On: October 29, 2019

Trip to Atlanta

After many months of working together on a large SunTrust project, Sheryl, Tim and Carol took a trip to Atlanta to celebrate the success-to-date in person with our client team. We started with a HUGE dinner of endless plates of tapas with Barney Jackson, Tamara Mays and Kelly Foerster (we missed you Jen!). We hosted an open-house breakfast the following morning for the entire marketing team which included members from a variety of disciplines, including brand, print, digital and analytics. We enjoyed catching up with our friends and particularly appreciated the opportunity to meet so many new team members on this trip. We hope to see y’all again soon.

Diversity Expo

As a current vendor for the University of Minnesota and certified WBE (Women-Owned Business Enterprise), we were invited to participate in their annual Diversity Expo this month. Megan and Sheryl spent the day networking with U of M employees and other U of M vendor partners and collaborators. It was a fun and informative day celebrating diversity in business.

Only in October

The month started full of excitement when the Minnesota Twins topped the AL Central League and headed to the playoffs. The whole neighborhood was buzzing with excitement, which was highlighted by the Coors paraphernalia at GRAZE, the new food and libations place across the street. But sadly, the Twins deflated under the pressure of the Yankees, much like that Coors can the following day. Fortunately, we had Tim to cheer us up with his world-famous pumpkin pancakes a few days later. We further eased our pain by spooking up the office with Halloween decorations.

Perks of being the Big Kahuna

Megan attended an executive networking event at TPC Twin Cities. In addition to making some great connections, she enjoyed an exquisite 7-course meal prepared by Resident Chef Frederic Bermond, complete with wine pairings, of course!

The awards are here! The awards are here!

Our shiny new Summit Awards arrived this month for the Lake City branding project and our Movie Poster campaign. Does it sound too braggy to say we barely had room for them in our display case with all the other awards we’ve won?



There’s a new furry 4-legged member of the Doyle family named Dude. Now Sheryl has two little creatures following her around the house everywhere she goes.


Even though Tim keeps busy raising two energetic boys, he somehow finds time to get outside and take some pretty cool photos.

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