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Thrivent Direct Mail

PROBLEM Thrivent Student Resources (TSR) offers resources that help people attend college with as little debt as possible. Their prospective audience consists of faith-based credit unions that don’t have those resources, but want to offer them to their members. TSR ultimately needed to create partnerships with these prospects so, together, [...]

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TWG Branding

TWG (formerly Tulsa Winch Group) had an aging brand focused on eight separate companies that had been acquired over 15 years. The brand was confusing and had not kept up with changes in their business. They hired us to research and develop a new brand architecture, visuals and messaging [...]

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Synchrony Leadership Content

PROBLEM Synchrony provides credit services to businesses ranging from large national retailers to local independent shops. With staff changeover in the retail industry, new technology, and the changing nature of the payment industry, it is imperative that Synchrony keep their clients active and engaged by staying on top of [...]

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