Black Friday is synonymous with excellent prices and bargains galore. Our client, SunTrust Mortgage, wanted to leverage the shopping frenzy by presenting an unexpected mortgage savings opportunity to their customers. To promote it, we created a direct mail piece that broke through the clutter at a time of year when mail volume is at its peak.

The package captured customers’ attention with a holiday design that looked like a ribbon on a gift—wrapping around the envelope, complete with a bow on the front. To add visual impact, a UV ink coating on the ribbon created extra shine and dimension. The Black Friday teaser message added intrigue, and the letter copy inside was short and impactful.

The marketing campaign also included email communications that mirrored the messaging in the mail piece. In the coming weeks, SunTrust Mortgage will amp up the volume in digital by following the first email with two urgent “time is running out” messages. The mail hit homes before Thanksgiving, and the emails will deploy throughout December.

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