Creating emotional connections

In its quest to shape the future of healthcare, Northwestern Health Sciences University (NWHSU) needed a series of videos to create engagement among perspective students. Their goal was to create emotional connections through visual storytelling for each of their nine educational programs.

Our job was to ensure the videos reflected NWHSU’s passionate and bold approach to education and get the attention of younger people who were starting their journey into career planning and higher education.

The research & insights

We started with extensive research into the overall pool of people who had similar degrees and careers in the alternative healthcare industry. Based on admissions criteria and correlated key behaviors, drivers, and values with the degree holders, we then determined the characteristics of an overall prospect pool.

When dividing the prospect pool into sub-segments by program type, a variety of attributes surfaced. One group was motivated by feelings of achievement and recognition that come with making an impact. Another was found to be hardworking and humble without needing an external sense of accomplishment. And another wanted to be known as an authority on the problems they seek to solve.

The creative

With a full understanding of audience characteristics and program differentiators, we developed two overall themes for production that could be applied to all nine programs. Copy and visuals were individualized by program using variable sections to result in final scripts and a 3-day shot list for production. In addition, we created full 6-size sets of HTML5 banners for each theme and program.

The result was a full library of video and display assets that the NWHSU marketing staff are using to create awareness and make emotional connections with prospective students.