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SEMCIL Awareness Campaign

PROBLEM The nonprofit Southeastern Minnesota Center for Independent Living (SEMCIL) is a free, open-door resource to anyone who self-identifies as having a disability. When they received grant money earmarked for community outreach, they needed to find ways to get their message to their most [...]

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Gateway Bank Awareness Campaign

PROBLEM Gateway Bank wanted to create brand awareness among new prospective clients. As a small, community-focused bank, they were looking to be more visible to those living within a 5-mile radius of their branches. In the past, the bank had done some smaller promotions with [...]

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Y Adventure Magazine

PROBLEM As part of the YMCA of the North, Y Adventure is best known for their phenomenal summer youth camps. Consequently, these camps fill up fast, but the other outdoor adventures they offer for adults and families do not. Our client had big goals for the year, and they [...]

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Rentokil Merger Communications

PROBLEM Rentokil and Terminix were planning to merge under the Rentokil name, and they needed a communication plan for a smooth transition. Both companies had commercial and residential customers, each with their own set of expectations from their respective company’s customer service teams, salespeople, and field technicians. Imagine how Terminix [...]

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Thrivent Direct Mail

PROBLEM Thrivent Student Resources (TSR) offers resources that help people attend college with as little debt as possible. Their prospective audience consists of faith-based credit unions that don’t have those resources, but want to offer them to their members. TSR ultimately needed to create partnerships with these prospects so, together, [...]

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TWG Branding

TWG (formerly Tulsa Winch Group) had an aging brand focused on eight separate companies that had been acquired over 15 years. The brand was confusing and had not kept up with changes in their business. They hired us to research and develop a new brand architecture, visuals and messaging [...]

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Synchrony Leadership Content

PROBLEM Synchrony provides credit services to businesses ranging from large national retailers to local independent shops. With staff changeover in the retail industry, new technology, and the changing nature of the payment industry, it is imperative that Synchrony keep their clients active and engaged by staying on top of [...]

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DFS EMV Communications

PROBLEM Distributors and customers of Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS), a manufacturer of fuel dispensers and other products, had limited knowledge of an upcoming regulatory change that would change the way they do business. DFS wanted to position themselves as an industry resource, while increasing sales of their products related to [...]

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Mount Yale Wealth Management Website

PROBLEM When Mount Yale Capital Group launched a new wealth management division, there was no place for prospective high-performing advisors and their high-net-worth (HNW) clients to go to learn about Mount Yale and the new services they were offering. It was crucial to quickly launch a new website that [...]

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CDS Branding and Awareness

B2B persona discovery and brand awareness Until they were acquired in 2021 by a global entity, CDS Visual was a start-up focused on 3D visualization services to help industrial suppliers grow their businesses online. After the acquisition, management had a vision for expanding its services, elevating its [...]

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