By Published On: March 26, 2019

Premium 2000+—an industry leader in medium and heavy-duty used truck warranties—came to us to create some impactful new sales materials. The goal was to convey the value of offering (on the dealer side) and purchasing (on the driver side) their warranty products as well as upgrading their brand look and messaging.

We created an eye-catching out-of-the-box solution, which ironically enough, was designed to go inside a box. But not just any box—a sturdy metal case with a molded foam interior. Inside, multiple brochures and educational materials simplified the complex information for different dealer audiences plus the truck drivers themselves. In addition to the printed pieces, we included a key-shaped USB drive with digital versions of the printed pieces, along with an overview video for dealers and drivers.

The work has been very positively received by our client, the dealers, and the truck drivers. Not long after we shipped the first batch of items, our client requested reprints of the materials, and commented “they are HOT items”.


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