By Published On: September 24, 2019

Keeping up with Marketing Automation

A few of us attended a partner workshop with our marketing automation vendor SharpSpring. We learned about the new features of the platform that we can use for our own marketing, and we got some tips on educating our clients about its benefits and ideas for using it for certain projects. We’ve always been jazzed about SharpSpring, and this workshop only helped fuel that excitement. As a result, soon after we returned to the office, we went through the steps to get our SharpSpring Silver Certification. Which simply means…we know our stuff. In addition to our fancy new badge, we’re now on the list of certified partners which gives us exposure to more potential clients.

Upping Our Exposure with UpCity

Speaking of exposure to more potential clients, we are excited to be a part of UpCity—an online marketplace that helps businesses find marketing service providers. It does so by providing reviews of those providers (agencies like us) and data-driven insights from them. We’re proud to say that we have 5 reviews so far from several of our most satisfied clients. We’re also working on a few blogs unique to UpCity that show our expertise and insights in several areas. With their roots in SEO, UpCity knows how to get people to their site, so we’re preparing for our doors to be broken down soon by companies seeking our killer marketing services.

An Enlightening and Humbling Day of Learning

Megan attended a workshop with our friends from CycleHealth designed to help people understand how unconscious bias affects communications and how we attribute different skillsets to people based on their ethnicity, gender, sexuality, etc. While she’s always been aware of the advantages she’s had throughout her life, she came away with a better understanding of white privilege. Along with a realization that she will never be able to put herself in the shoes of others who’ve experienced extreme institutional discrimination or running for their lives.

Discovering Our Strengths

Everyone on our staff recently took the CliftonStrengths® assessment to find out where our individual strengths lie. It was no surprise that, as a team, we scored heavily in strategic thinking, execution, and relationship building, but it was fun to learn more about each other’s strengths and how we can use them to be even better as a whole.


Playing Hard

Sam went on his first overseas trip to Japan in early September. His favorite experience on the trip was visiting a traditional Japanese Onsen where he bathed in hot springs and ate traditional kaiseki (multi-course Japanese meal). He reports that all the food is delicious and even though the weather was torturously hot and muggy he had an amazing time sightseeing through Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka.

Sheryl recently spent a long weekend in the Sonoma Valley area of northern California.  Although the time was short, her group made the most of every minute by visiting four wineries, hiking in the Armstrong Redwoods state park and taking a drive up the scenic California Pacific coastline via Highway 1. Amazing!

d.trio’s Got Talent

In addition to captaining the d.trio ship, Megan does some amazing things with canvas and paint.

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