By Published On: January 27, 2015
In honor of d.trio’s 15th anniversary we’ve asked all of the current employees to write two microblogs. One about their very first day at d.trio, the other about where they were 15 years ago.


My first day at d.trio it was not yet d.trio. It was three people in Megan’s basement asking each other….what do we do now? How do we do it? And what do we call this?

It was January 3, 2000 and because the world did not end at the stroke of  the millennium midnight my somewhat unplanned journey with my two incredible partners began.  If I remember correctly, I think the first few hours were spent in amazement–realizing that we were actually going to do this..start a company, figure it all out.

It has been the easiest, scariest, most challenging, most exciting, nerve racking, amusing, enjoyable, fulfilling thing I’ve ever done and the time has passed so quickly.

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