By Published On: January 28, 2015
In honor of d.trio’s 15th anniversary we’ve asked all of the current employees to write two microblogs. One about their very first day at d.trio, the other about where they were 15 years ago.


My first day at d.trio was 8 years ago today. To the day. I spent the first two days sitting on a stool at the front bar because my office was still under construction. They’d hired me in November and I’d been waiting weeks to be able to start. From what Maureen says, she wanted to wait until my office was ready but I kept bugging her so she let me come in. As I remember it, I emailed once a week to see if I could quit my old job yet. I spent that first day and the next perched on that stool reading reams of brand standards from d.trio’s large corporate clients. I put my chair together and stuck it in a corner to wait with me. I tried to get to know people’s names and not let them see how nervous and discombobulated I was. I went home and cried. Not because I didn’t have an office but because I had just made a huge leap of faith, leaving a job I’d had for a long time, that was comfortable and safe and, if not easy, then at least familiar. Here I was in a brand new place that I knew would challenge me and push what I thought I was. Maybe I’d made the wrong choice, maybe I didn’t belong here. The past eight years have been wonderful and terrible and beautiful and hard and everything I hoped they could be on that first day, and nothing like I thought they’d be. And that first day was the last day that I ever thought maybe I don’t belong here.

About the Author: Beth Seitzberg

Beth Seitzberg
During her career crafting creative Beth has conceptualized, designed, developed, strategized and overseen the building of brands, campaigns, and creative platforms for large corporations as well as for dozens of regional and local companies in every sector including financial services, manufacturing, retail, medical, and non-profit. This range of experience with clients of all sizes has honed a specialization in brand management and application of master brand strategy across channels and tactics. With a background in psychology and sociology she brings both a researcher’s behavioral approach and an artist’s instinct to her work. Beth specializes in designing outstanding, strategic creative that ties into business goals and communicates the client’s message clearly and distinctly in their unique voice.
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