By Published On: July 23, 2018

Sam’s Anniversary & Mikko’s First Visit

July 12th was Sam’s 1-year anniversary at d.trio. Sam started as a contract production artist to help us temporarily while Beth was traveling, but from the very first day we knew he’d be a great addition to our permanent team. In fact, Beth’s exact words were “can we keep him?”.

Tim brought baby Mikko into the office for the first time this month. Even though Tim is a millennial, we lovingly call him Old Man Swenson due to his hilarious rants about his various pet peeves. Little Mikko seems to be falling in those footsteps already—just look at that little grumpy face. (For the record, he was nothing but smiles when he was awake).

More Summer Vacations

Carol, her siblings and friend Kay traveled to Switzerland in June. The fairytale villages, unbelievably blue lakes and majestic alps easily ranked it the most beautiful country she’s ever visited. She especially enjoyed the wildflowers and the sound of cowbells, not to mention the beyond-delicious Swiss cheese and quality chocolate. On the trip home, she made a worthwhile visit to King Ludwig II’s castles.

Melinda and crew traveled to the Canadian Rockies to do some hiking in Banff National Park. The scenery was breathtaking—as was the elevation. They visited a tea house at 7,005 feet that had no water or electricity and were impressed by the employees who hiked up with the food daily. They also drank fresh water from North America’s largest glacier.

Project 333

This month we donated $333 to The Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance (MOCA). MOCA began as an idea at a kitchen table 20 years ago and has since provided support to countless patients and millions of dollars to research. MOCA works to promote early detection by raising awareness and educating both medical professionals and the public of the often-missed warning signs. The partners have been participating in MOCA’s annual golf tournament for many years and are happy to help support this mission.

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