By Published On: August 28, 2018

d.trio Out and About

Megan and Beth attended the SunTrust Agency Brand Training in Atlanta in August. While we were already knee-deep into implementing the new brand, it was great to see the final results come together. They showed us some great “do this” examples and some not-so-great “don’t do this” examples—we were happy to see that none of our work was on the latter.

Two of the partners (Megan and Maureen) took their annual pilgrimage to The Big Apple to join the judging team at the DMA’s International ECHO Awards. As always, they were thrilled to be part of this exciting event that recognizes the marriage of right-brained creativity and left-brained strategic thinking, which is at the core of everything we do here at d.trio.

All three partners traveled to their semi-annual AMI group meeting—this time in Denver, CO. The group consists of agency owners who gather to discuss industry trends, business operation challenges, best marketing practices, and “big ideas”. The rest of us have lost track of the number of times we’ve heard one of them say “let’s check with our AMI group” when confronted with a challenge in our daily office lives.

And finally, Sheryl, Tim, Beth, and Megan took a quick trip to Dallas to meet with a new vendor. Turns out they have a lot of steak places to choose from down there. Who knew?

Danette Rides Across Iowa

At the end of last month, Danette participated in her first-ever RAGBRAI (Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa). We even sponsored her team—Sketchy Cycling. (That name is a story for another day). She put on 275 miles in four days and had countless slices of pie made by some of Iowa’s finest church ladies. Not to mention a few pints of Iowa Craft Beer. Between her and her nine riding companions, not one of them had a flat tire during the entire ride. It helps that the event has its very own street cleaner. Iowa sure knows how to treat their RAGBRAI riders. For more on that, see Danette’s blog on the best marketing she saw during her adventure.


Project 333

This month, our $333 donation is going to the Animal Humane Society in memory of Roxy, the incredibly sweet, little white dog that will forever be known as the mascot of the Designers Guild Building. Every day since 2010, Roxy came to work with Randy, the head of maintenance at our building. No matter what project Randy was tackling, Roxy was always by his side. Well, except when she was in search of treats—she had a habit of wandering off to one of the many offices where she knew she could find one. Roxy had a great life, and we hope our donation will help other animals have the same.

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