By Published On: August 31, 2016

For the better part of 2 weeks they were like superheroes. Women who inspired awe, capable of doing the seemingly impossible and actually appearing to have the ability to fly. Undeniable examples of commitment, hard work, dedication, focus and excellence under pressure. I am speaking of the U.S. Women’s Gymnastic Olympic Team, more specifically of Simone and Aly. Watching them was inspirational, riveting and breathtaking.

Suddenly it was their final performance and of course, they nailed it. Winning gold and silver in what was arguably their best work, the floor routines.

The interview that followed, if you missed it, was not filled with pride, tears, love of country, thanks to parents, or any of the usual post-Olympic fare. No, this last interview was pretty much about pizza and Zac Efron. Coupled with perhaps a bit of relief and certainly a lot of joy. Suddenly these icons turned into elated, blabbering, goofy teenagers, excited to meet their crush and eat some junk food. It was, again, inspirational.

It’s important to celebrate success. And sometimes that doesn’t just mean winning, it means finishing and knowing that you’ve given your all and now it’s time to appreciate the process for what it was…and then go have some fun on your own terms.


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