It’s not easy for marketers to get approval on special projects. We get it. We’ve helped many of our clients convince their CEOs to ease up on the purse strings for certain initiatives. Here’s how: We speak their language, and we find evidence that proves it’s worth the expense—no matter how large or small.

With that in mind, we built this series of tip sheets for helping you make your case and structure your conversation for maximum effect. These are free, ungated pdfs, so download to your heart’s content. If you’ve got another project in mind, give us a shout and we’ll help you get a YES.

Making the case for branding

Lots of good selling points, plus a calculation that will help clear things up.

Making the case for content marketing

You know it works. We know it works. Here’s how to prove to them that it works.

Making the case for retaining an agency

Yes, it sounds self-serving. But the benefits will surprise you.

Making the case for conducting a contextual study

If you’ve got a niche or B2B audience, this is your holy grail.

Making the case for a culture evaluation

Does company culture influence revenue? You bet it does.