By Published On: September 13, 2021

During the last two years, my daily walks have become much longer and more frequent. In order to pass the time, I invested in a pair of Air Pods and subscribed to audio books. Already an avid reader, it’s allowed me access to an even broader range of content to power through.

In addition to books, I also turned to podcasts for entertainment – and ultimately for education. There’s such a wide variety of podcasts available on business and marketing that it’s impossible to know where to start. I recently listened to the two below and will continue to monitor the airwaves for future podcast listening recommendations to share.

Digital Marketing Podcast

This podcast is focused on the latest news in business and technology and discusses marketing- related strategies and trends. I listened to the August 27th edition “New Toolkit Additions” which highlights new digital tools for marketers and business owners. They also offer a digital toolkit outlining ten free resources – however, some may be free trials or require email signup.

One of the tools discussed in this episode is Right Relevance – a free online tool that enables users to search current marketing content and allows filtering for factors such as geographic location, video articles or influencers. This is a great tool if you’re doing research on a particular subject or if you’re interested in discovering – or connecting with – influencers on a variety of topics.

Other recent podcast topics include “Email Deliverability”, “eCommerce AI” and “Thinking Like an Entrepreneur”. Episodes last 20 to 30 minutes and are in a friendly conversational form with the added bonus of being delivered by a duo with delightful British accents.

Marketing School

At a run time of only five to ten minutes, this is the ideal podcast for those with limited time. With over 1,800 episodes to date and new episodes posted daily, there’s something for almost everyone to choose from. It’s also one of the top-ranked marketing podcasts on Apple. Episode content covers a wide-range, including:

  • What marketing channels are “free” and how to make the best use of them
  • Tips and tricks to interview and vet marketing partners before hiring them
  • How to write quick cold emails that convert

These podcasters truly practice what they preach. Both are owners/operators of digital agencies and many of their podcasts are based on real-life learning from personal experience. They’re current, relevant and contain practical advice with links to other resources or book suggestions for further learning.

If you’ve listened to some good marketing podcasts recently, send us a note. We’ll check them out and share our thoughts in a future blog post.

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