By Published On: March 26, 2019

New adventures for Maureen

It is with great sadness, but also great excitement (for Mo) that we announce the retirement of one of the “d”s. That’s right—Maureen is packing up her eye for great design, her warm personality, and her wonderful wit, and is leaving the daily grind to pursue new adventures at the end of March. We’re pretty sure we can carry on after she’s gone, but we will miss her terribly and have already told her that she has to come back and visit us often (well, at least when she’s not on some exotic beach basking in the sun and enjoying a well-earned rest).

Danette returns to the bold north

Speaking of exotic beaches, Danette returned to the office earlier this month after a 9-week trip to Central America. She had an amazing time taking in the sights (and warmth) of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and Costa Rica. She knows she dodged a bullet this winter by missing the polar vortex and the snowiest February ever in Minnesota, but she had a few challenges of her own along the way. With spring in the air, she’s happy to be back—and we’re happy to have her back.

More new construction

To offset some of the damage done by Darby’s (the sports bar in our building,) or maybe just because everyone has been asking, the Designer’s Guild Building now has its very own fitness center and bike storage room. Tim has been taking full advantage of the stationary bikes in the workout room and Danette is enjoying storing her wheeled bike in the new indoor storage room in lieu of dragging it up to the 4th floor and squeezing it into her office. And just across the street from our building, a new structure is going up that promises to house several restaurants, including a taco place. This makes all of us very happy, especially Beth.


Tim’s son Mikko turned 1 on February 22 and clearly had a super rad birthday celebration. Beth had a birthday in March, but instead of shoving vanilla cake in her face a la Mikko, we all went to Black Sheep Pizza for lunch and ate pie for dessert (because you can’t NOT eat pie on 3/14). It’s quite possible she shoved vanilla cake in her face when she got home that night, but we will never know.

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