By Published On: July 28, 2020

View from the N Loop

Hello (hello, hello, hello…) from the North Loop where voices all but echo off of the semi-empty buildings that merely months ago were exploding with groups of hipsters holding PBR tallboys, stroking their bushy beards and wearing plaid ironically. Oh boy, do I miss those days.

Today, the view is slightly different. Instead of hipsters on the streets, locals walk and group-deck-drink with their newly acquired “COVID pups.” It’s a thing. I’ve never seen more puppies in one place. It has transformed a normally business-oriented neighborhood into a more eclectic neighborly feel, which is nice. (But, where are the “COVID kittens”?!)

Here, in the shadow of Target Field, we have a constant reminder of beloved missing activities – like baseball, music concerts, indoor restaurants and more. Some of our favorite haunts are struggling or gone. Darby’s, a staple baseball bar, has a half-full deck and we held our collective breath until Cuzzy’s, our fav dive reopened last week.

We are fortunate to have an office where we all have private offices. Some of us have opted to wait things out from home, and some are in the office. I miss the buzz of the full office and the hallway collaboration, but I’m grateful for smart, hardworking employees who can do their thing wherever they are.

Who knows what the weeks ahead will bring. We just try to find happiness in the little things, take one step at a time toward the changing future, and know we’re some of the lucky ones.


Marketing trends during the pandemic

There’s a lot of good information being published on evolving business and marketing trends due to the pandemic. But the sheer volume of it can be overwhelming. We reviewed the recent JWT Future 100 Trend report and created a high level overview focusing on five key take-aways. You can find the summary on our blog page – or you can read the full report for in-depth information on the 25 trends to watch in the months ahead.

Things that are making us smile these days

We’re all looking for more positive news. COVID puppies abound and poodle kittens are trending – but that’s just a start. Below is a list of things that recently provided us inspiration or made us laugh. We hope you find something here to brighten your day.

  • Let Hoda Kotb from the Today Show get your morning started off on the right foot with the Morning Boost.
  • Who doesn’t like s’mores? Try these innovative twists to a make an awesome treat even better: Nutella Skillet Smores, Peanut Butter S’moreos, and Caramel Apple S’mores.
  • Even in the most difficult times, there’s proof that we’re living longer, happier better lives. Read Enlightenment Now for proof the world and its people are resilient.
  • Happiness doesn’t always just happen. It’s a skill that can be perfected through practice and training. Learn more about practicing compassion and keys to living a happier life at Action for Happiness.
  • Escape with some mindless TV shows like The Goldbergs, Gilmore Girls or RuPaul’s Drag Race.
  • Animal videos are the best! Check out this penguin who makes a daily trek to visit the fish market and this golden retriever who has some apologizing to do to his brother.
  • Get inspired by others’ creativity. Some examples to follow on Instagram are @salavat.fidal, @newyorkercartoons, @lisacongdon, and @blcksmth.


Tim and his family celebrated the 4th of July with some swimming and some fireworks. At the end of the day, Tim and Terri were more exhausted than their boys were!


When Danette’s plans for a campervan road trip to see a concert with some friends this summer got cancelled, she took the opportunity to do some solo traveling instead. She settled into a spot on some private land of a friend’s for a few days and did some cycling, kayaking, cooking, reading, and relaxing—and practicing for a future out-of-state adventure when the time is right.

Some new “peeps” have moved into Beth’s neighborhood and are keeping her quite entertained.


Megan’s new painting titled “My Life so Far” illustrates how we are all constrained by real or imagined things in our lives. We build our lives within the constraints of what we see, what we’re taught and the “truths” of culture – everything plays a part, like misogyny and homophobia and racism. We can break out in small and greater ways to find our own truths that bring more color and meaning and dimension to life and break the plane of what we thought was possible.


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