By Published On: April 1, 2014

We love going to visit our clients. But we also love it when our clients come to visit us.  We like showing off our office digs and giving our clients an inside peek into our work environment. However, we know that is not always possible – schedules, budgets, logistics- you name it. So for those of you who have not been onsite at d.trio, or maybe never even set eyes upon Minneapolis, we thought we would give you a little insight into our neighborhood of 13 years.

We are located in the North Loop, which is the fastest growing neighborhood in Minneapolis and quickly becoming a trendy hot spot. The newly named North Loop is located in what is more commonly known as the Warehouse District, a historic district just blocks away from the Mississippi River that was the city’s shipping hub for years. But those days are gone. Say hello to the world class Minnesota Twins baseball stadium, a multitude of outstanding restaurants, hip bars, unique retailers, high-end condominiums and lofts, thriving businesses and the new Target Field Station (the Interchange) rail transit station and community gathering space.

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So hop on a bus, hop on a train or hop on a plane and come and see us. Take in a ball game starting April 7th with the kickoff of the Minnesota Twins season home opener against the Oakland Athletics. Or later this May, take in a concert, pre-game event, street fair or picnic lunch at the new community destination, Target Field Station.

We’ll be here. Hope to see you soon!

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