By Published On: February 22, 2019

The partners escaped to Florida

The partners spent some time on Captiva Island, Florida delving into agency business and marketing trends. The time was valuable as usual and even more fun knowing they missed the infamous polar vortex and 60-below-zero temps in Minnesota.

Tim takes on Old Man Winter—and wins!

It’s been nearly a year since Tim’s second child, Mikko, was born and over three years since he and his wife had taken a vacation. So in true AE fashion, he and Terri were packed and ready to hit the road for a long weekend at Wisconsin Dells—four days in advance!

Little did they know, the weather made other plans. Before leaving, Tim had to snow-blow his driveway not once, but twice. And when he and Terri finally hit the road, they white-knuckled it the entire way.

The return trip was fraught with yet another blizzard. More white-knuckle driving and another 4.5 hours on the road put Tim’s nerves on edge. But he persisted, and he and Terri ended up having a fun vacation while also avoiding the ditch—and the 40-car pile-up in Wisconsin. Way to go, Tim!

Sam Traded All The Snow—For More Snow!

Sam snagged a great deal on a flight to Denver in January and spent a few days at Keystone Resort up in the mountains. He’s about as good a skier as he is a blog writer, so he stuck to the greens and easy blues. All in all, the trip was a huge success— including the last-minute Uber ride in the middle of a blizzard before his flight back. Which also happened to be the only snow he saw the entire trip!

Mikko visits the office!

Project 333

February is the month of hearts and this month’s $333 donation goes to the American Heart Association.

The AHA is probably the most vocal educator on the topic of heart disease. It is a voluntary health agency with a mission to “build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.” Also, with their Go Red campaign, the AHA has been instrumental in advocating heart health for women and educating the population on just how big a killer heart disease is among women.


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