By Published On: May 11, 2018

Nearly five years ago, I was brought on as an Assistant Account Executive at d.trio marketing group and they have been a whirlwind of adventure, triumph and exhaustion!

I have a couple key memories of when I interviewed for the position. One is changing my clothes in my car so as to not give my previous employer the idea that I had something big going on during lunch. The other memory is a particular question I was asked by the EVP of Client Services (you know her as Sheryl Doyle). She asked me to give three words that my “friends” would use to describe me. The one word that I remember saying is “stubborn”. That’s right. I told my potential future employer that I was stubborn. Sheryl (being the helpful person she is), suggested that maybe “tenacious” would be a better word. She’s right, but If you knew my friends, stubborn is what they would say.

My previous “Account” experience was as an intern for a local advertising agency (shout out to Hunt Adkins!) and during my senior year at Winona State University, where I was the Account Planner for our campuses Ad Fed group. The first day at the d.trio office, I knew that I didn’t know a lot, but before long I felt like I didn’t know anything. There were new systems to learn, clients to get to know and a whole lot of processes to memorize. The account team took me under their wings. They taught me that a good account executive calls a client when an email needs some clarification and a great one gets doughnuts for the creative department.

On a more serious note, the hardest thing I had to do as an Assistant Account Executive was earn the trust of my peers. There isn’t any hiding in a small organization like d.trio and each one of us takes pride in our work and our commitment to our clients. I imagine that it’s a similar feeling to what clients have when they look for a marketing agency to help them with their efforts. The trust it takes to start a marketing program or initiative with a new partner is Herculean, but you can build that trust over a short period of time by asking the right questions at the beginning of the process and really getting to know who you’ll be working with.

Perhaps you should visit the d.trio marketing group office? Maybe you’ll find that we are exactly who you’ve been looking for… and possibly stubborn (in a good way).

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