By Published On: June 26, 2016

For over two years, d.trio has worked on recruitment marketing for the University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communications (SJMC), to consistently drive interested candidates to their professional MA in Strategic Communications.

Initially, d.trio developed an updated brand and tagline, a testimonial video, landing page and other marketing materials to promote and create broader visibility and credibility for the program. Most recently d.trio has implemented and refined a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign to maximize SJMC’s online/digital opportunities. We’ve created automated dashboard reports for weekly updates and accurately forecasted the best months for results, creating a sliding campaign to maximize the budget.

The results reflect doing the most to create success (through ongoing testing, learning and refining) within a limited budget, by driving interest in and traffic to information sessions for the SJMC program. Most importantly this program helps SJMC fill their seats with the right candidates.


  • Impressions increased to 35,704 vs previous 12,608 up 183.19% without increasing budget or CPC
  • CTR is 2.15% for ads, exceeding industry benchmarks
  • 355 Clicks per quarter
  • Conversions for landing pages and information sessions are at 2.10%, exceeding industry benchmarks
  • Average Cost Per Click $14.88 vs previous $15.77 decreased CPC by 5.66% by increasing ad quality scores
  • 167 conversions = $48.18 CPA

d.trio has been an invaluable strategic partner in helping to elevate our recruitment marketing communications efforts. They are smart, innovative, proactive, analytical and fun to work with. –Steve Wehrenberg


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