By Published On: December 8, 2021

Queries & Theories – Series 2 : Volume 1.

Remember when a ringing phone made you rush to pick up the receiver to find out who was on the other end? If you’re under 20, probably not. But the rest of us do. Sadly, in these modern days of obnoxious robocalls and distracting pings and dings that come from that $800 lifeline we carry in our pocket, it seems a ringing phone has lost its charm. At least for most of us. them.

Yes. New business leads come to me via phone at times and my clients also have my number, so I do answer calls with numbers I don’t recognize. But not always.


I do unless it comes up as “spam risk”. Whoever developed that magical function should get a raise. 


Mostly not unless it’s a client or my mom. Everyone else gets a call back, or more likely a text message that starts with “Why are you calling me when you can send a text?”.


Yes, I’ll pick it up. But if the contact is not in my address book, it gets sent to voicemail.


No. If it’s important, the caller can leave a message. Otherwise, I assume it’s a robocall and it deserves to be ignored.


Only if the number appears in my contact list or I’m expecting a call from someone important like a doctor/clinic/delivery person.


Rarely. Very few people call anymore. It’s mostly text.


Not if it’s from a number I don’t know. Also, not if I don’t feel like talking to you. Sorry.



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