By Published On: December 6, 2022

Battle of the DM package

Earlier this year, we created a direct mail challenger package for Applied Data Finance in an attempt to boost their response rates. In the first two test waves, our package showed the control package who’s boss. With the third and final round of testing in the market now, the oddsmakers are putting their money on our package to deal the final blow and become the one to beat.

10 bills for 5 minutes

Directories like UpCity hold a lot of power, especially in an industry as competitive as ours—we rely heavily on them to get our name in front of prospective clients. Reviews from past and current clients are a critical part of our profile. So, we’re asking for you to do us a solid by writing a few quick sentences about your experience working with us. You’ll be rewarded with a $10 Amazon Gift Card and we’d be eternally grateful. Five minutes to write a few quick sentences is all it takes.

Mount Yale Open House

Our friends at Mount Yale know how to throw a party—we know, because we’ve crashed two of them since they hired us this summer. JK. We were invited to both (and super-appreciative for it). Their latest bash was a celebration of their new office space in Bloomington. And what a space it is, with expansive views through floor to ceiling windows and killer furnishings. Not to mention the fabulous food and drink spread. Like we said, they’ve got parties dialed in.


Speaking of new office space, after months of prepping and planning, the movers finally arrived to schlep our furniture from the 4th floor to the 6th floor of the Designers Guild Building. We like to think of it as our DBG Penthouse apartment, and if you ever stop by to see us, you’ll know why. Things are mostly put away as we continue sprucing things up creatively, with our inspiration wall as the final icing on the cake. Nice work, Sam!


Early in November, Megan squeezed in some R&R in beautiful California where she celebrated musician friend Scott (Scooter) Nelson’s birthday. She came back refreshed and ready to take on the rest of 2022.

Each of us enjoyed Thanksgiving in our own unique way. Danette made the tallest cheesecake in the history of mankind, Beth scandalously substituted raspberries for cranberries in her relish, Sam hosted for the first time and made punch with fancy herb-and-fruit-infused ice cubes, Sheryl’s crew got crazy competitive with post-dinner family games, and Megan enjoyed traditional and vegan eats before taking in the views at Wisconsin’s gorgeous capital building. Would it be corny to say we’re thankful for everything we have? Yeah, but we’re saying it anyway.

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