By Published On: April 28, 2020

Hydro Systems is a market leader in the commercial laundry industry and produces innovative, reliable, and accurate chemical dispensing equipment and remote monitoring software systems for laundries of all sizes. Hydro came to d.trio looking for a marketing partner to develop campaign strategy, design all creative elements, and manage a B2B lead generation campaign targeted to end users within commercial and on-premise laundries.

The goal of the campaign was to create qualified leads for Hydro Systems. Communicating directly to the end user was a new approach for Hydro as they have historically marketed their products and services to chemical providers and distributors. However, due to current concerns over COVID-19, there is increased interest in proper cleaning techniques to keep employees, patients, and visitors safe.

Campaign messaging had three objectives: 1) Educate commercial laundry operators about best practices for proper sanitation and sterilization, 2) Communicate the benefits of Hydro’s dispensing products and remote monitoring systems (Dositec/HydroConnect), and 3) Reinforce that Hydro Systems is a market leader that produces dispensing equipment that is accurate, reliable, easy-to-use, and connected—all of which are critical in preventing the spread of infectious disease and providing confirmation that appropriate sanitation occurred.

D.trio procured a list of prospective end users, influencers and decision makers within commercial and on-premise laundries. Due to the time sensitivity around the message and the need to deploy the campaign quickly, the strategy focused on digital tactics and included email, email retargeting, a microsite with information and resources, downloadable content, lead capture for nurturing activities, website visitor retargeting and call tracking.

The email deployed the first week of April and ad retargeting will continue throughout the month of April. Initial email results and web traffic are solid and full campaign results will be available at the end of the 2-month campaign period.


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