By Published On: August 27, 2019

We tend to use this section of our newsletter to show off the great design we put out into the world, often with little mention of the many hours of strategy that led up to it (we have to keep some secrets). This month, it’s all about the strategy.

When our client Tennant—a large manufacturer of cleaning machines—asked us for help with a content marketing plan, we were thrilled. There has been a lot of talk about content marketing directed at consumers, but this was B2B. That didn’t change the process, but it did change the way we had to think about audiences and their behavior. It was a challenge we were up for and excited to dig into.

After several months of intense research and planning, we put together a functional plan complete with recommendations for topic clusters, content types, and target audiences, plus a 3-month publication and promotion calendar. It was meant to be used by Tennant as a guideline for creating, posting, and promoting new content, and for capturing leads and measuring results.

After the plan was approved, they asked us to jumpstart things by researching and writing copy for the first pillar page and downloadable white paper (for the purposes of capturing email addresses from interested readers). They will continue following the plan to increase their online presence and position themselves as leaders in the commercial and industrial cleaning world.



This is just one example of our work. If you know of someone that needs a great marketing agency, please send us a referral or share our name with your network. 

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