By Published On: June 13, 2014

Since our word for this month is Color we decided to have a little fun with our client’s brand colors. Below is what happens when you take our client’s one or two primary brand colors and size them roughly (very roughly) according to how much work we do for them on average.

Here’s hoping all you clients know your Pantone numbers.


About the Author: Beth Seitzberg

Beth Seitzberg
During her career crafting creative Beth has conceptualized, designed, developed, strategized and overseen the building of brands, campaigns, and creative platforms for large corporations as well as for dozens of regional and local companies in every sector including financial services, manufacturing, retail, medical, and non-profit. This range of experience with clients of all sizes has honed a specialization in brand management and application of master brand strategy across channels and tactics. With a background in psychology and sociology she brings both a researcher’s behavioral approach and an artist’s instinct to her work. Beth specializes in designing outstanding, strategic creative that ties into business goals and communicates the client’s message clearly and distinctly in their unique voice.
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