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Write better B2B copy with these 8 tips

Want to write B2B copy that resonates with your audience? Copy that builds your brand, drives sales, and helps cement long-term customer relationships? Keep the following tips in mind. Get to know your audience. Before you put finger to keyboard, you need to be clear on exactly who it is [...]

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Better B2B Marketing: It starts with your audience

Want to make your B2B marketing more effective? First thing’s first: get to know your audience. Because to find, connect with, and motivate a potential customer—whether it’s a B2B or B2C customer—you need to understand what makes him or her tick. So what then are the main characteristics of a [...]

By |November 25, 2019|Categories: B2B Marketing, General|

Marketing Automation in the B2B Space

As consumers who make purchases online, we’ve come to expect certain experiences from the stores and service providers we engage with. Those experiences include messages that welcome us to their world after we sign up for a newsletter or make a purchase; wish us a happy birthday with a special [...]

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Prepping your Sales Team for Marketing Leads: 3 Pitfalls to Avoid

Even the best companies can struggle with getting separate departments in their organizations to work together to accomplish the same objective. This is especially true with marketing and sales—entities who have historically operated in their own separate silos. The breakdown tends to occur as each department works independently toward their [...]

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B2B sales and marketing – why sales and marketing should work together for best results

Being in the marketing industry, we get in the habit of anticipating trends and important changes in industries. One of the shifts happening is that business-to-business (B2B) sales and marketing strategies that have typically been treated as separate, need to work together more than ever. B2B sales is a different [...]

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Before you begin: branding assessment worksheet

Are you considering a brand refresh or brand assessment for the new year? Whether you plan on engaging a marketing and branding agency or conducting your own review, taking a little time to locate resources and establish your access to key information can save frustration and delays along the way. [...]

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One simple question that can get any business back on track.

Between changes in technology, changes in economic, marketing and business theory, information overload, and this seemingly global simmering anger, the world of work these days can be extremely challenging. Marketing in particular, still often considered by companies as more of an expense than an investment, is plagued by an absolute [...]

By |December 30, 2018|Categories: B2B Marketing, General|
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