By Published On: July 8, 2021

The use of storytelling in marketing has been around for some time now. And for good reason—it works. Adding a little drama and excitement around a brand through storytelling has proven to be a powerful tool for connecting with audiences. The same goes for comedy, which is an aspect of storytelling. In marketing, comedy is a tightrope act that often requires the courage to be self-deprecating and the finesse to avoid presenting your company in an unintended way. Below are some examples of brands that do this effectively and make it look incredibly easy. I dare you not to laugh.

Extra Gum – For When It’s Time

Extra deftly makes light of quarantines and shutdowns. Even considering how tough things have gotten over the last year, people need this kind of levity. The effectiveness of this campaign goes a long way in showing how necessary comedy is in challenging times.

Dr. Squatch Soap

Dr. Squatch speaks its customer’s language and uses comedy to poke a little fun at “manliness”. In doing so, they show a confidence that would appeal to any audience.

Squatty Potty

Even at 7 years old, this ad perfectly shows how comedy can help break through a subject that most consider too private to discuss. In doing so, it helps people learn something about an important health product while having a ton of fun.

Sakeru Gummy vs. Long Sakeru Gummy

The Japanese are pioneers when it comes to comedy in video advertising. This racy campaign introduces a new and improved version of a product and shows how comedy can be used to promote a simple, new feature.

These best-of-the-best campaigns often inspire me to consider ideas that are more “out there” when creative concepting. I hope they inspire you to take a few risks with your own marketing.

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Sam Glubka
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